Monday, April 28, 2014

30 days of adventures in eating

Let me tell you about a little adventure on which I'm about to embark.

First, some history.

I've never had to diet in my life.


Somehow, I have always been thin.  I enjoy my chocolate, and my ice cream.  I gained every bit of 35-40 pounds every time I was pregnant.  And it always melts away.  I just eat when I'm hungry, and if I crave something, I have a little bit of it.

But lately, I cannot get enough sugar.  I feel as if I'm searching for it. All. Day. Long.

My husband and I have been trying to eat healthier over the past year or two, and the harder I try, it seems the more I want sugar. 

So, I am going to challenge myself.

 Enter Whole 30.  Have you heard of it?

It is basically an extreme version of the Paleo diet for 30 days.  (Paleo= meats, veggies, and fruits; no sugar, no grain, no dairy.)  You can't make any substitutions, like banana-egg pancakes, or grain free brownies.  

Currently, I'm spending my time searching out meal plans and recipes.  It's overwhelming to me.  Every meal I enjoy has pasta, cheese, or cream in it!

Say a prayer for me.  And my family.  And share any recipes or advice you can spare! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sewing Lessons

Hello!  I've been up to my ears in cleaning, organizing, and teaching.  Woo!  You would think that my house would be completely organized and cleaned after all the time I've spent on Pinterest in those areas, but alas, pinning does not complete the job.  In real life, however, I have managed to purge some things, and I am hopeful that in our next move in the way far off future will not involve an over packed 26 foot truck and then some.  But who am I kidding?!  For every item that goes out, we probably replace it with two more.  Isn't that how it goes?

Bella has started sewing lessons.  I should have taken a picture yesterday when she was actually bathed, dressed, and had her hair done!  That has become a struggle with my girls in these lingering wintery/springish days, getting them out of pajamas.  Because if they aren't leaving the house, what is the point?!  How can I argue with that when it really boils down to less laundry for me?  Truly, I do make them get dressed most days, though.

Back to sewing lessons....  I have searched high and low in the world of internet, and finally found some children's sewing lessons, all laid out, that tell me exactly what to teach her.  My favorite, and what we are generally following, can be found at A Jennuine Life. We are both enjoying the pace and the ease of her lessons in a series called "Tiny Sewists."  We have only just begun, but I foresee both of us learning much from this series, since I can only sew a straight line!

Have any of you picked up your sewing lately?  I am contemplating trying a pattern for a summer tank dress.  It doesn't seem too complicated, and there are no frilly stitches, so we shall see!